The Hobo President goes to America!

I have just got back from another epic journey, arriving in America in the late fall. Firstly, I went to Colorado Springs for a few weeks where I met some wonderful folks. So on a freezing November morning, I arrived at Manitou, where I began sprinting up Pike’s Peak, America’s Great Mountain. As I didn’t have any snow shoes, I ignored the Bar Camp’s advise about a couple getting rescued from a glacier the day before because they weren’t wearing any, and I plunged my feet right into the deep snow in my trail shoes. The fresh Mountain Lion paw-prints that were following the deer tracks, invigorated The Hobo so much, that the imprints of my prey lead me all the way up the steep, snow-covered incline, and I reached the summit of Pike’s Peak, in six hours.

After three enjoyable weeks in Colorado Springs, and with invigorated high-altitude fitness, The Hobo invaded New York. When I offered to do some hard sparring with the pro-fighters in the gym, they all tried to smash me out, but The Hobo President flurried them with an exchange of leather from an unknown SUPPRESSED Australian commodity, and this was all caught on film by the fighter’s mates. One trainer, who had changed his demeanor after my sparring session, said that the whole gym was watching me. In Gleason’s at Brooklyn, it was terrific meeting and belting the Great, Big John Douglas, an ex Olympian, and a true champion of boxing. I loved it when Big John mauled me in the clinch, so thanks for the knuckle sandwiches, mate!
Now that I’ve published my third book, Coward Punch Corruption, Book Three in The Hobo Chronicles, I’m back Down Under, and it’s quite obvious that Australia’s real advocate for the Prevention of the COWARD PUNCH, Johnny.T. Noctor, is still SUPPRESSED to a major degree by the Puppet Master. Oh well, never mind, America’s Great Commanding General, said to men like me: Quote{ Fail again, FAIL BETTER!} So, like Winston Hobo Churchill, I’LL never cease to persevere, PERSIST write FIGHT!
These two wonderful rangers at Pike’s Peak gave the exhausted Hobo a lift in their car from the summit back down to Manitou. I hope the nice lady at the cog train passed my paperbacks on to you both. Thank you kindly for the lift. It was much appreciated!

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