Latest Update

Johnny has finished creating a 40 Minute Documentary about what has happened to him over the years. I am thinking of taking it a few steps further and making a second one with him under my direction.

The documentary will be published here online on our website and on youtube and social media very soon

I spent yesterday with Johnny talking about things and where to head in his quest for exposing the truth. We have sent off a very powerful letter to the ABC Online editor with a link to the new Documentary, We are holding off release of the documentary until we possibly hear back from them ..

I expect to release the video sometime in the next few days to the general Public, First i need to get peoples attention that it is coming out ..



Welcome First post By Dave

 Hi I’m Dave Collins,I work with Johnny to help him tell his story to the world, I believe Johnny deserves to be heard and from what I am learning Boxing in Australia is becoming so corrupt we might as well be part of America,  We as Australians need to take notice of this and make sure that this sort of abuse doesn’t happen anymore to anyone.

I spoke to Johnny the other and we went out to dinner at the kew Pub.. NO Johnny didn’t Drink alcohol he drank Coke and was in great spirits, He had a game of Pool with my daughter to which he lost and is now determined to win, sometime soon they will get to together for this rematch LOL. I’ll say this for Johhny he hasn’t lost his fighting spirit