Boxing Exploitation – Book Four – The Hobo Chronicles, Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon! Click > Here

My latest book Boxing Exploitation is the UNTOLD TRUTH about Australia’s fad propaganda infamous boxer and his business partner and trainer. These two well-known boxing identities manipulatively deceive the public because boxing events on numerous televised fights have been fixed. They also use televised promotions about the ‘Coward Punch’ for their own personal gain, and in the background the main trainer is responsible for continuously placing unknown boxers in harm’s way, including ‘king hits’ in and out of the ring to silence the innocent.  Check out the decisive evidence of this by reading Boxing Exploitation – Book Four of The Hobo Chronicles. This book displays proof of major corruption, which also involves some corrupt Police, Politicians, and some Pro-Boxers, who Coward Punched innocent victims on the street. One being a seventy-year old man on a Manly Ferry, another meaning and me, Johnny T. Noctor, The Hobo, as I was not only King-hit on a dark street in Hobart by a boxer, but was also coward-punched in the gym by Australia’s most famous Boxing Trainer, even though he knew I already had a brain injury from the Hobart Sucker-Punch.

You can also watch my fox sports, heavyweight bout on the internet, which is commentated by Danny Green.

Available on Amazon! Click > HERE

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