Latest Update

Johnny has finished creating a 40 Minute Documentary about what has happened to him over the years. I am thinking of taking it a few steps further and making a second one with him under my direction.

The documentary will be published here online on our website and on youtube and social media very soon

I spent yesterday with Johnny talking about things and where to head in his quest for exposing the truth. We have sent off a very powerful letter to the ABC Online editor with a link to the new Documentary, We are holding off release of the documentary until we possibly hear back from them ..

I expect to release the video sometime in the next few days to the general Public, First i need to get peoples attention that it is coming out ..



The President (Hobo Chronicles) Book Two

When The Hobo tries to get justice for his fractured skull and brain damage caused by a coward punch, the Hobart police refuse to arrest the perpetrator. Instead the cops relentlessly try to entrap the innocent victim, giving him no choice but to sleep in the woods on the mainland. In order to stay sober, The Hobo campaigns in four Australian States as a preferred party of AA, and spars in the hardest gyms with great Australian fighters. Even when fit and sober, he realises that without the puppet master, he’ll never get to fight in Australia ever again. Desperate to earn money for his wife and baby, and not wanting to fall off the wagon, the homeless boxer gives this promoter one last chance to do the right thing. All the while, America’s great, lightning-fast fighter flies to Australia, straight into the eye of a Hobo tornado.

Coward Punch Corruption (The Hobo Chronicles) Book Three

(The Hobo Chronicles) Book Three.
Now available as a paperback and eBook on Amazon: Here!

In February of 2005, I had just walked out the door of a Hobart Hotel after playing Eight-ball when I was King-Hit from behind. This coward-punch caused me to have a frontal lobe haemorrhage of the brain and my skull to be fractured in two places, and this happened right in front of a CC TV camera.


Certain Police have failed in their Duty of Care.

The police failed to manage a crime scene.

They failed to get video evidence, which was available.

The police failed to investigate a crime that had been committed.

They failed to contact any of my family.

False arrest!

The police have lied.

The police have forged statements.

They have done more, more, more ……………………………………………….

Boxing Exploitation – Book Four – The Hobo Chronicles, Available on Amazon!

Available on Amazon! Click > Here

My latest book Boxing Exploitation is the UNTOLD TRUTH about Australia’s fad propaganda infamous boxer and his business partner and trainer. These two well-known boxing identities manipulatively deceive the public because boxing events on numerous televised fights have been fixed. They also use televised promotions about the ‘Coward Punch’ for their own personal gain, and in the background the main trainer is responsible for continuously placing unknown boxers in harm’s way, including ‘king hits’ in and out of the ring to silence the innocent.  Check out the decisive evidence of this by reading Boxing Exploitation – Book Four of The Hobo Chronicles. This book displays proof of major corruption, which also involves some corrupt Police, Politicians, and some Pro-Boxers, who Coward Punched innocent victims on the street. One being a seventy-year old man on a Manly Ferry, another meaning and me, Johnny T. Noctor, The Hobo, as I was not only King-hit on a dark street in Hobart by a boxer, but was also coward-punched in the gym by Australia’s most famous Boxing Trainer, even though he knew I already had a brain injury from the Hobart Sucker-Punch.

You can also watch my fox sports, heavyweight bout on the internet, which is commentated by Danny Green.

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The Hobo President goes to America!

I have just got back from another epic journey, arriving in America in the late fall. Firstly, I went to Colorado Springs for a few weeks where I met some wonderful folks. So on a freezing November morning, I arrived at Manitou, where I began sprinting up Pike’s Peak, America’s Great Mountain. As I didn’t have any snow shoes, I ignored the Bar Camp’s advise about a couple getting rescued from a glacier the day before because they weren’t wearing any, and I plunged my feet right into the deep snow in my trail shoes. The fresh Mountain Lion paw-prints that were following the deer tracks, invigorated The Hobo so much, that the imprints of my prey lead me all the way up the steep, snow-covered incline, and I reached the summit of Pike’s Peak, in six hours.

After three enjoyable weeks in Colorado Springs, and with invigorated high-altitude fitness, The Hobo invaded New York. When I offered to do some hard sparring with the pro-fighters in the gym, they all tried to smash me out, but The Hobo President flurried them with an exchange of leather from an unknown SUPPRESSED Australian commodity, and this was all caught on film by the fighter’s mates. One trainer, who had changed his demeanor after my sparring session, said that the whole gym was watching me. In Gleason’s at Brooklyn, it was terrific meeting and belting the Great, Big John Douglas, an ex Olympian, and a true champion of boxing. I loved it when Big John mauled me in the clinch, so thanks for the knuckle sandwiches, mate!
Now that I’ve published my third book, Coward Punch Corruption, Book Three in The Hobo Chronicles, I’m back Down Under, and it’s quite obvious that Australia’s real advocate for the Prevention of the COWARD PUNCH, Johnny.T. Noctor, is still SUPPRESSED to a major degree by the Puppet Master. Oh well, never mind, America’s Great Commanding General, said to men like me: Quote{ Fail again, FAIL BETTER!} So, like Winston Hobo Churchill, I’LL never cease to persevere, PERSIST write FIGHT!
These two wonderful rangers at Pike’s Peak gave the exhausted Hobo a lift in their car from the summit back down to Manitou. I hope the nice lady at the cog train passed my paperbacks on to you both. Thank you kindly for the lift. It was much appreciated!

Welcome First post By Dave

 Hi I’m Dave Collins,I work with Johnny to help him tell his story to the world, I believe Johnny deserves to be heard and from what I am learning Boxing in Australia is becoming so corrupt we might as well be part of America,  We as Australians need to take notice of this and make sure that this sort of abuse doesn’t happen anymore to anyone.

I spoke to Johnny the other and we went out to dinner at the kew Pub.. NO Johnny didn’t Drink alcohol he drank Coke and was in great spirits, He had a game of Pool with my daughter to which he lost and is now determined to win, sometime soon they will get to together for this rematch LOL. I’ll say this for Johhny he hasn’t lost his fighting spirit