About Johnny Noctor

About Johnny

Johnny is married and has a couple of children and lives on the Mid North Coast of Australia these days. Life hasn’t always been rosy for Johnny with like most people Johnny took a piece of the shit Pie and had to deal with it. Today living with his memories of Alcoholism, Abuse, Living on the Street, Losing his wife and family for years, to being KING Hit in Hobart by a gutless person who wont stand up and admit they did it, Johnny hasn’t had the best life.

now in his Mid 40’s Johnny is working to tell his story, he believes that there are serious problems with Australian Boxing and those that are well known in the Industry.

These days Johnny is back with his life and is somewhat happy, he has a roof over his head he is clean and sober, making new friends he can trust, these are people who accept him for who he is and expect nothing from him.

Johnny lives with a Brain Injury from being king hit but still seems very happy when given the chance to be, Johnny just wants to know the truth and would like people to read his books telling his story so that maybe someone somewhere out there will stand up and take notice of the corruption and abuse that is taking place today in Boxing.