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Johnny Noctor now in his mid 40′ struggles day to day with the memories of the past and the issues that arose from meeting people in the boxing industry who just used and abused him.  Now Johnny has written 4 books about his experiences explaining the whole truth and how he was treated by some of the biggest names in Australian Boxing.

This website is being run by the people and friends of Johnny Noctor, those that donate time to help this man.. a man who has struggled to come back from alcoholism and a fractured Skull from a cowards punch from living on the street to now trying to live a normal life with memories that haunt him.

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Boxer Hobo

First Book Boxer Hobo

Johnny wrote his first book after waking up in the hospital with a fractured skull with brain injuries from his so called accident Johnny goes out searching for what really happened


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The President
The Hobo Chronicles

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When The Hobo tries to get justice for his fractured skull and brain damage caused by a coward punch, the Hobart police refuse to arrest the perpetrator. Instead the cops relentlessly try to entrap the innocent victim, giving him no choice but to sleep in the woods on the mainland. In order to stay sober, The Hobo campaigns in four Australian States as a preferred party of AA, and spars in the hardest gyms with great Australian fighters. Even when fit and sober, he realizes that without the puppet master, he’ll never get to fight in Australia ever again. Desperate to earn money for his wife and baby, and not wanting to fall off the wagon, the homeless boxer gives this promoter one last chance to do the right thing. All the while, America’s great, lightning-fast fighter flies to Australia, straight into the eye of a Hobo tornado.

Coward Punch Corruption

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In February of 2005, I had just walked out the door of a Hobart Hotel after playing Eight-ball when I was King-Hit from behind. This coward-punch caused me to have a frontal lobe haemorrhage of the brain and my skull to be fractured in two places, and this happened right in front of a CC TV camera.

Certain Police have failed in their Duty of Care.The police failed to manage a crime scene.They failed to get video evidence, which was available.The police failed to investigate a crime that had been committed.

They failed to contact any of my family.
False arrest!
The police have lied.
The police have forged statements.
They have done more, more, more

Boxing Exploitation

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This is Australia’s most suppressed story about an innocent man, a boxer, who stands up to the most villainous Boxing Trainer and Promoter, while also fighting back against corrupt cops and a federal politician. This ordeal of injustice has gone on for ten years for The Hobo, even though he keeps falling victim to more harm because these corrupt villains want to shut him up. Fed up of getting no pay for sparring, televised fights, hotels or travel like other fighters, The Hobo, writes his memoirs. While showing the boxing fraternity his manuscript and films, including details of him having seizures, the villainous promoter realizes he’s underestimated The Hobo and king-hits him in front of everyone, also threatening to get him if he publishes any of his work. After all the hell Noctor’s been put through concerning his book Coward Punch Corruption, The nefarious Promoter attempted to have him slaughtered yet again. These top Australian vultures then begin a campaign to make a fortune out of the Coward Punch by using their own, famous hypocritical Fad Fighter on TV.